Industrial plug socket application route


Industrial plugs and sockets are durable and have good physical properties. Casing made of high quality rubber products, high compressive strength, impact resistance, not afraid of falling or crawling. Commonly used vulcanized rubber plastics have aging resistance, not only can be used indoors, but also can be used outdoors, durable

Industrial plug socket application route

1. The power socket and cover are needed to connect the power supply system to avoid electric shock. For example, various power plugs and power plug boxes can be seen at the production site of the processing plant.

2. Industrial plug socket cable in the middle of the disaster. The transmission socket where the cable is inserted into the mechanical equipment must use the RF interface. The RF connector is properly connected to the circuit end of the power supply system and is covered to avoid electric shock.

3. When the input jack is used as a power device or connecting cable, make sure to use the input power socket of the plug or device.

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